About IPL Management

Purchasing Steel Storage Sea Containers

IPL Management specializes in selling Used Cargo Worthy Steel Shipping Containers located in various depots in NY/NJ.  We can also offer various types of equipment and inventory located nationwide.  The steady flow of containers in stock are consistently available regardless if the order is large or small.   We continue to monitor the market and container availability to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their exporting and storage needs. 

We Provide Containers in:
Newark, NJ
Baltimore, MD
Philadelphia, PA / Pittsburgh, PA
Cleveland, OH / Columbus, OH / Cincinnati, OH
Minneapolis, MN
Detroit, MI
Chicago, IL
Kansas City, MO / St. Louis, MO
Norfolk, VA
Houston, TX / Dallas, TX / El Paso, TX
Savannah, GA / Atlanta, GA
Indianapolis, IN
And all other major cities across the country.